Frustrated following the same path?

At Axiom, we’re on a mission to disrupt the procurement sector to enable procurement to make smarter, more effective, more sustainable and more inclusive decisions for every project. Using the power of AI and automation we’re bursting through layers of inefficient process and one-dimensional procurement activities. No more wasting money, no more ‘after the event’ management information, no more contrived savings reports. Axiom is the step-change the industry has been crying out for to drive a new wave of intelligent procurement.

We help each other 

At Axiom, we work in small teams or as independent specialists. We share common goals without being burdened by silos or hierarchy. Our strength comes from the diversity of talent, experiences, cultures and personalities.

Living up to our name

An axiom is a statement or principle that is accepted to be true. We all strive to live up to this, seeking out the truth in the data to create transparency for our clients and allowing them to make good decisions. We believe that a transparent world is a better world!

Who we help

We are an independent procurement technology, analytics and advisory business. We engage directly with client organisations, but also provide our specialist support for the work being done by management consultancies and other intermediary organisations such as technology providers, marketing services companies and large advertising agencies.

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