Imagine a world...

...where every procurement decision is:

  • powered by DATA
  • informed by INSIGHT
  • driven by INTELLIGENCE
  • guided by SCIENCE

in real-time, every time.

Imagine a platform...

...that enables you to make:

  • more EFFECTIVE
  • more EFFICIENT
  • more SUSTAINABLE, and
  • more INCLUSIVE

procurement decisions, every time you buy.

Are you ready to join the Procurement revolution?

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Axiom harnesses the power of AI to unleash your potential in your procurement data

We call this Procurement-Intelligence©
...and it's driving a new era of Transformational Sourcing

The future of real-time data-enabled procurement is here

Creating a Robust Data Foundation

No more worries about not having the data you need. Let Axiom’s proprietary processes build your reliable and information-rich data foundation - combining internal transactional & financial data with external supplier, industry, social and market data sources.

State-of-the-art AI

Unleash the power of our platform; a suite of AI and ML powered tools that will change your approach to procurement – allowing you to make real-time sourcing decisions not just on price, but on value, on effectiveness and on your impact on the environment.

For Enhanced Intelligence

Feed the platform with your diversity, sustainability and governance guidelines and it will optimise every transaction to meet your objectives. Add in external market data sources and internal feeds from your Sales and Marketing platforms to maximise your effectiveness.

Analytics & Insight
Predictive Pricing
& ESG metrics
Dynamic Specification Enhancement
Comparative Procurement Scenarios
Decision Making
Demand Forecasting
Al-powered Product
/ Spec Matcher
Sentiment Analysis

Let Axiom show you how to...

Take control of your transactional procurement data forever

Axiom creates a robust Data Foundation, combining your internal data sources with supplier & market data to allow you to take back control of your procurement activities for every purchase

Understand how effective your procurement activity really is

Axiom shines a light into every corner of your procurement processes – the hard to see and difficult to measure areas – and reveals how effective your buying decisions have been

Create a category management strategy built on P-I

Axiom unlocks the
Procurement-Intelligence inside every previous transaction and uses AI to optimise your future procurement activity aligned with your corporate objectives

Experience the power of AI-driven procurement for every future purchase

Business rules, governing the delivery of strategic objectives are programmed into the platform to ensure that buyers are making the most effective decisions for every purchase in real-time

Measure the effectiveness of your procurement decisions

Axiom utilises advanced AI-powered Sentiment analysis to deliver a real-time view of the effectiveness of your campaigns and procurement decisions

Utilising our Proprietary modules...


will change the way you
managing your buying activity

ᴛʀᴜᴇPRICE© sits at the centre of Axiom’s proprietary algorithm matrix, analysing data at a specification level to determine historical budget wastage and future predictive pricing


automatically cleanses, normalises & enriches specifications

sᴘᴇᴄMATCH© uses AI to automate cleansing of product and ERP data sets, creating procurement opportunities through data extraction, enrichment, normalisation & deduplication.


will change the way you support your Marketing colleagues

sᴇɴᴛɪMENT© utilises AI and Machine Learning to ‘listen’ to external data feeds (news, social channels, blogs, videos, etc.) to understand the social impact of your promotional activity


will enable you to deliver your
sustainability commitment

ʀᴇᴀʟESG© revolutionises how you measure and report your key Sustainability metrics, at a project and specification level, no longer constrained by inaccurate industry averages or guesswork


will change the way you manage
future requirements

ᴅᴇMAND© utilises AI and Machine Learning to comprehend the factors that impact future demand – determining and predicting indicative procurement scenarios, options and timings

We're independent

We adapt our unique blend of data science and enabling technologies to support a wide range of projects and assignments across multiple channels.

Why Axiom

We're procurement category agnostic

Sectors, organisations, categories, products and service domains differ, but our practical data-first
Procurement-Intelligence© approach – powered by AI through our platform – is consistent.

Why Axiom

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Global organisations, multi sectors

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