Connecting Buyers, Suppliers and Procurement

Axiom is the world’s first intelligence-led AI B2B Procurement Marketplace

Powered by Procurement-Intelligence©

How it works

Re-imagining the B2B Marketplace, for Buyers, Procurement and Suppliers

For buyers

Making buying quicker

enjoy a single, consistent, seamless buying experience, consolidated across multiple suppliers, making buying simpler, faster and more efficient

Making buying better

experience AI-powered guided buying recommendations based on functionality, ESG metrics, availability, price, etc.

Making buying more effective

have confidence that every purchase is in compliance with corporate purchasing & ESG strategies

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For procurement

Providing control

Procurement-Intelligence© Control Centre; providing real-time AI-powered insights, analytics and recommendations, allowing Procurement complete control and proactive curation of the Marketplace

Delivering ESG objectives

transforming the ability to measure progress against key ESG targets (such as eCO2) in real-time

Supporting Digital Transformation

delivering an evolution from ‘Category Management’ to a ‘Category Value’

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For suppliers

Providing additional revenue

gain access to a wider number of corporate buyers; getting your products in front of more direct buyers

Enabling constant improvement

utilise the continuous access to market intelligence and comparative management information to evolve product range

Simple and effortless

streamline efficiency with a fully automated API integration and enriched data exchange

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Indirect & Direct

Central & Local