Total visibility across every transaction and buying decision

Forensic AI analytics across the Data Foundation to reveal the procurement & ESG challenges, possibilities and opportunities that you’ve just not been able to see until now, presented as actionable insights to deliver immediate improvement.

Certainty before you engage with your supply chain

The power of AI to deliver predictive pricing and ESG metrics in real-time and at the point of shaping a specification or project, with an accuracy of 99.95% (*). Giving you certainty and enabling you to change the conversation with your supply chain.

(*) based on an Axiom & PMC market test across 30 clients in 2020

Enhanced control through automated business rules

Allow the Axiom platform to help you and your teams to specify projects and products that abide by your business guidelines, from ESG parameters to product effectiveness, we can keep you on track and drive your compliance.

Real-time decision making based on

The Axiom platform at warp-speed. Using Procurement-Intelligence to guide every decision, based on historical activity, business rules and future demand predictions. Take the guess-work out of your procurement activities to allow you to focus on the big picture stuff.

Optimising your
procurement possibilities

Unlocking AI-driven dynamic optimisation opportunities. Enabling you to see the impact of your procurement decisions in real-time and allowing dynamic comparisons with alternative products or specification changes.

Predicting the future with greater certainty and confidence

Using AI and Machine Learning to combine the internal factors that impact future demand, with the external market intelligence to investigate indicative procurement scenarios, options and timings – helping you move from tactical buying to Procurement-Intelligence© powered Transformational Sourcing.

Connecting with marketing through an integrated measure of effectiveness

Using AI and Machine Learning to ‘listen’ to external data feeds (news, social channels, blogs, videos, etc.) in every market and any language to understand the social impact of your promotional activity. Combining this with real-time footfall and Attention data to provide a real-time view of Campaign Effectiveness for your Marketing colleagues.

Next-generation data enrichment that explodes the procurement possibilities

Using advanced AI Learning Agents to capture product attribute data to enrich component data sets taking your data foundation to a different level whilst automatically creating procurement opportunities through clusters & consolidation.

Our platform will enable you to take your Procurement-Intelligence© to another level through: