Get straight to the answers, instantly drilling through layers of complexity, using Axiom’s powerful analytics tools and impactful visualisations. Forever remove the pain of piecing together endless spreadsheets and conflicting and error-prone data. Axiom helps to visualise and present data and insights succinctly and logically, ensuring that stakeholders instantly understand the challenges, the opportunities that exist and also the benefits that procurement leaders and their teams are unlocking for them.

AI Assisted Analysis

Let Axiom’s AI guide you through your data. Simply type questions into our intelligent search bar and receive instant written answers, e.g. ‘Who is better supplier A or supplier B?’ or ‘How much did I spend on leaflets in the USA?’. Along with automatic correlation and outlier identification, the days of static, tedious analysis are over.

Immersive Visualisations

Axiom has a vast selection of interactive and animated graphs and visualisations each of which is chosen to convey the desired information as clearly as possible to the user.

Supplier and Spend Analysis

Drill down through the layers of complexity from geographic to specification level analysis, it is all just a couple of clicks away. With intuitive filters and a vast hierarchy of metrics every question can be answered. Identify which suppliers are performing well and which organisational units are buying well with regards to your organization's strategic objectives using unbiased algorithms which are specification agnostic.