Axiom offers a number of audit services which range from basic contract compliance audits to more comprehensive budget wastage, Environmental and Social Responsibility audits. Our full data capability sits at the heart of our approach, which is totally unbiased and independent.

Contract Compliance

This service is normally provided as a once-off or a cyclical audit. The format and approach are dictated by a clients’ specific requirements, but Axioms’ approach is always data-centric and fact-based, using the deep insights that can be extracted from the data using unique algorithms and AI.

Budget Wastage and ESG

Clients usually engage with us to help them to get control of their data, and then to make sense of it, enabling them to make effective future decisions based on the facts. Axiom is entirely flexible in terms of scope and approach. The norm would be to undertake an initial sample audit, across defined geography and list of categories, using easily accessible data to establish how well an organisation is buying and to quantify the estimated budget wastage, and providing a range of insights on how benefits may be derived. If the client wished to progress to the next stage, based on the sample audit findings, this would then lead to a strategic audit across all geographies and categories. The output of this strategic audit would be a comprehensive report showing their budget wastage (savings potential), ESG performance and a full list of insights, recommendations and benefit analysis.