Data Collection

Sound procurement decisions and a successful category strategy relies on relevant, complete and accurate data. It is therefore important to use automated processes and tools to collect, consolidate, clean and enrich data so that clients can ask the right questions and get reliable answers to build and manage their category strategies.


Easy-to-use APIs allow for the connection of all disparate data stores to Axiom allowing clients and their suppliers to continually update their data to have a single source of truth for all of their procurement data.


In addition to APIs, Axiom also provides secure, unique logins for suppliers to access their transactions to complete intuitive smart forms, ensuring that any missing data is captured. This allows for informed decision making, allowing clients to gain detailed insight into the qualitative and quantitative aspects of specifications.

Cleaning and Validation

Clean data is essential to create information that can be relied upon. Axiom’s algorithms automate the data cleaning process, highlighting errors, inconsistencies and outliers to improve the quality of client data.