Once strategic category objectives are set with regard to savings, environmental and social responsibility targets, let Axioms' AI help to take control, automating governance and guiding buyers through every future order to help them make the best possible decisions and allowing procurement leaders to painlessly deliver against their longer-term plan one order at a time.

Specification Optimisation

For every order you place, let Axiom’s AI guide you through optimising the specification to meet your organisation's saving and ESG objectives. From suggestions as small as paper brand alterations to alternative point of sale items that are aesthetically and functionally similar.

Scenario Modelling

When placing an order explore different scenarios using the Axiom platform. Investigate what the ESG, cost and risk implications are of; splitting an order between two suppliers, waiting 2 days to place an order so you can bundle multiple orders together etc.

Configurable Constraints

Select and apply any constraints to the optimisation procedures, for instance, do you want to make sure you only ever use recycled paper or that you only buy from suppliers who use green energy sources.