Axiom is able to offer clients a very flexible and visual reporting capability delivered in real-time directly from their single data source. The reporting is independent, accurate and unbiased, covering all management information, savings, ESG performance measurement and in-depth insight reporting.

Management Information

The depth of management information reporting is unrivalled as it covers every area that a client feels is relevant and for which data is available. Reports are presented in visual dashboards and via report download options.

Savings and ESG performance reporting

All savings and performance against ESG objectives can be calculated and reported in real-time, based on the client-specific methodologies and targets that have been agreed upon. Savings and ESG reports are available in a drill-down visual format that allows for instant review at any level.


Insight reporting differs from management information reporting in that it highlights key areas where attention may be required in order to minimise risk, remove unnecessary cost or tackle processes or behaviours either within the organisation or the supply chain which is impacting on the organisation's cost or ESG objectives. Axiom’s insight reporting is designed to help procurement leaders to reduce risk and continually optimise their category strategy over time.