Strategic Modelling

Effortlessly explore historic data and trends to quantify the future impacts and benefits of implementing an almost endless variety of strategic cost or ESG optimisation scenario’s that best suit the organisations’ needs. Strategic modelling is particularly useful when setting annual budgets, when undertaking strategic category reviews or when preparing to undertake a tender process.

Specification Standardisation

Explore the impact of introducing standardisation into product specifications to achieve one or more of the following benefits: a more consistent brand impact, reduced environmental impact, improved economies of scale or ease and efficiency of purchase.

Demand Management

Explore the current effectiveness of the organisations buying and consumption patterns of specifications over time. Identify demand trends and areas of waste, and introduce new processes, using AI, to permanently remove associated costs and environmental impacts. Conversely, let the AI identify areas where there are opportunities to improve buying behaviours that result in persistent shortages or where multiple repeat orders occur for the same specification due to poor requirements forecasting.

Cross Border Supply

Organisations often buy in country-specific silos where there is little visibility or use of cross-border supply chains. Explore your data to understand the operational, economic and environmental implications of opening up regional or global supply chains to your markets.