Axiom is delighted to be part of a rapidly growing ecosystem of disruptive start-up ProcureTech businesses across the world. Most of these new, agile organisations are inhabited by thinkers and doers who have been inspired by the need to solve a specific range of global procurement challenges in uniquely complex and challenging times. It is these organisations that will fuel the innovation that is needed to revolutionise procurement and put the function at the very centre of the organisation, leading company economic recovery and sustainability.

Progressive procurement leaders recognise that a revolution will be required to reinvent procurement and equip their teams to responsibly deal with the extent of change that is needed to make budgets go further, while at the same time driving, measuring and managing Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility and Governance across their supply chains. Ensuring rapid, positive and tangible change is no longer optional as it is being demanded by organisations, consumers, society and governments across the world.

It is easy to identify the reasons why large organisations are turning to specialist businesses such as Axiom to help them to remove pain points and the lack of transparency that they have had to tolerate for far too long. The biggest single hurdle for most procurement organisations is having complete, accurate and reliable data at their fingertips and then having the domain knowledge, the AI and the analytics capabilities to drive the insights that show what needs to be done with it.

Axiom partners with procurement leaders so that they are able to confidently take ownership in tackling these challenges within the specialist Print and Marketing Materials categories. Our unique combination of global sector and domain knowledge, practical methodologies, unique software and disruptive analytical approach will help you make the positive step change that a traditional category management approach simply cannot achieve on its own.

If you wish to take that positive step towards significantly and forever reducing budget wastage and aligning Print and Marketing Materials ESG performance with your wider organisational objectives as part of your digital procurement strategy, then please contact us at [email protected] and we would be delighted to arrange to share our approach with you.