The easiest way to stop spending so much money on marketing materials is to reduce the demand for marketing materials. The second easiest way is to change what you’re buying.

When marketing wants to buy something they will go to procurement or the supply chain and say something like: “I need a good quality 16-page brochure” or “I want an FSDU which looks like this”. Now, as you can imagine, there is a vast sea of complexity around these specifications. Anything from the machinery used to produce the item, to the location of where the raw materials were sourced from, will affect the price and environmental impact of the item being sourced.

Are you drowning in the sea of complexity?

So how do we decide on an exact specification? We don’t, currently, the standard method of operation is to go out to your supply chain, consult your suppliers for what they have and what they recommend and then pick what suits you best (usually based on price). We do this because everything is so complicated… Not every organisation can have an expert on FSDU’s who can identify how every small change to a specification will alter the environmental impact and cost.

But what if you did have one of those experts, someone who could understand any written specification you give them in plain English/German/Spanish/Russian/Chinese? What if this person could then give you a breakdown of what you can do to reduce your environmental impact and cost and also improve your social responsibility impact while keeping the function and form of the product the same? What if we could ensure that every specification adheres to company-wide policies? What if all specifications ever purchased are visible to all key decision-makers so that there are no fragmented supply chains across separate regions? The reliance on specific suppliers or costly consultants will no longer be a given.

Axiom’s AI can do all of this, with a knowledge engine that continually learns about every specification and supplier it encounters, it can:

1) Predict the price of any specification

2) Advise you on which of your suppliers to consider

3) Inform you of the environmental impact of your order

4) Offer modifications to a specification to align it with your company’s strategic objectives

5) Understand any specification request in plain language, there is no need for complex form-filling