Who are we?

Having worked in the Global Marketing Solutions sector for over 25 years – and increasingly frustrated by the sector’s one-dimensional procurement model – our founders, Steve & Alistair established Axiom in 2020 to harness the power of data science & AI to bring a step-change to the decision-making that supports key indirect & direct procurement categories.

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The future of real-time data-enabled procurement

We call this Procurement-Intelligence©
Taking you beyond simple spend analytics to a future of AI-guided decision making, enabling more effective, more efficient, more sustainable and more inclusive procurement decisions.

Before Axiom

Organisations are wasting between 15% and 53% of their overall budget

Before Axiom

Organisations have no ability to measure the environmental footprint of each purchase

With Axiom

Organisations can capture P&L savings on up to 80% of spend

With Axiom

Organisations can make instant decisions based on real-time Procurement-Intelligence©

Our clients have seen the broader potential

Channel agnostic

We're working directly with Brands, with third-party procurement experts, management consultants, buying & sourcing platforms and outsourcing companies.

Indirect and Direct Procurement

Including Packaging, Electronic Components, Lab Supplies, MRO, Market Research and IT Consumables

Why Procurement Organisations love us

  • outcome-based solution that drives measurable value and ease of use for budget holders
  • preemptively removes waste, manages demand and supports the delivery of ESG objectives
  • standalone platform or integrated to existing procurement stack
  • enriched data foundations, actionable insight, machine learning and increased automation
  • flexible and agile to shape Procurement-Intelligence© answers to complex data and business challenges

Why management consultants love us

  • reduces time-consuming data analytics processes
  • provides an accurate and objective view of Procurement effectiveness
  • predictive tools to drive future decision-making
  • optimisation tools to ensure delivery of strategic goals
  • real-time measurement, AI-powered insights and flexible reporting

Why technology providers love us

  • data enrichment and practical application of AI to drive efficiency and effectiveness
  • easy integration (API) with existing procurement stack
  • ability to enhance platform capability and value to end-users
  • evolves platform from workflow-based to intelligent decision based
  • exciting development roadmap

Why Agencies, Intermediaries & BPOs love us

  • instant access to the latest AI procurement innovation
  • opportunity to differentiate proposition and gain market leadership
  • power of Procurement-Intelligence in contract renewals, new pitches
  • drives automation and optimised decision making, reducing operating and bought-in costs
  • standalone platform or integrated to existing procurement stack